Friday, July 2, 2010

Numero Uno

I'm sure my post titles will become more or less creative as time passes, depending on the day. But for now this is post number one. I started skating when I was kindergarten or first grade during the monthly parties @ Skating America. I was never one of those kids who did crazy tricks and I could not (and still cannot) skate backwards, although I'm working on it.

I did actually play derby though. We formed pick up games that lasted until the rink owner realized what we were doing. The rules we played by were wrong I'm sure and we didn't know what a penalty was, but bouncing one another around and off of the rink was a blast. Hearing "Centerfold" every 5th or 6th song...not so much.

Now I'm all grown up and (still) towering over a lot of my friends and family and when I caught wind of the derby resurgence I was hooked. I searched the web for all the info I could find and eventually decided my little town needed derby. At the time, it didn't agree and nothing came of it. A year or so later here we are finally starting to get a small league off the ground, courtesy of a couple of awesome ladies who decided it was gonna happen!!! I've survived my first two practices without pads and with rental skates and am ALWAYS ready for more. Also, this is motivating me to get my butt in shape and my husband is walking and jogging with me which has the added bonus of giving us extra time to spend together.

Hopefully as our league progresses and my skill grows I'll have more to share, but for the moment I'm going to focus on acquiring my first set of skates which will be the first set of skates on this page. In red leather, with black wheels and toe caps. And a good set of pads which I should be able to get my hands on at our local skate shop, owned by our coach. Yay!!

Dixie D.

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