Monday, September 6, 2010

can't believe i only just realized this

So I'm awake, home alone, and have had several hours to kill before work. Down to one last hour and just now eating breakfast it dawns on me that I've just had the last 2 hours to myself and after I checked the news and the weather for the day I've just been kind of puttering around. Why the hell did I not do something useful with my time?? Surely I could fit in some strength training or cardio...duh! I HATE to exercise is any way that isn't fun, but I know that if I want to keep getting better at derby I need to do more than just skate. And I've been going for walks with hubby and doing a halfhearted bunch of crunches here and there, but I really need to work on my exercise habits. I stumbled across a training blog that might help encourage me(except what the hell is a speed skater jump? an arm twist? inverted rows? and several other exercise that I have no idea on...) and I want to get my hands on the Heart Attacks work out video, plus start actually using the weight set that I already have. And honestly, I guess this post is just more procrastinating of exercising, but I also can't exercise and eat a bowl of oatmeal at the same time either. Looking forward to practice on Wednesday, probably going to see Machete on Friday, and just trying to survive the days without anxiety attacks. Any other suggestions or advice for work outs, particularly if they're fun, is welcomed. DL <3

Dixie D.

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