Thursday, September 9, 2010

practice 9/8

Practice last night was awesome!! I threw some outdoor wheels on my skates and I am definitely feeling the difference today, but I had grip and didn't feel like I was gonna bite it every time I tried to turn a corner! I didn't skate as consistently on them but my form was better with more grip so I think they balanced out a bit. And definitely good for my endurance. I will probably keep them until I can get a good set of indoor wheels for our floor. Hopefully soon...stupid Radar stuff being on back order...being patient sucks.

Anyway, my derby direction crossovers were there, going backwards sucked, and I finally survived a slalom drill that has been pretty much impossible cause I'm sliding so much. Also, one of the girls commented that I seemed much more comfortable and natural on my skates last night. Because I had GRIP! Got whipped across the rink as well and what a freaking blast! That alone makes me want to be better and better so that I can eventually start learning to jam. But for that I need SPEED!!! Any advice for increasing speed? DL<3

OH!!!! And we are looking at possibly having an exhibition bout in November!!!!!!!!! I will be ready to sk8!

Dixie D.

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