Friday, December 17, 2010

Got my skate on!

Practice was NOT canceled this week but I still feel like I need more time on my skates! I never wanna take them off these days! My endurance is still improving and I'm incredibly nervous because I found out that our Mins. testing is coming up in March and realistically March isn't that far away and doing 25 laps in 5 minutes scares me. A lot! A lot a lot! Jumping scares me too cause I'm a white girl who can't jump. My plow stops suck, I haven't even attempted one footed glides, I'm slow getting up from falls and I use my hands on them, my footwork blows, I can't skate in a squatting position (is this what I hear called a duckwalk??), and I think that about covers all the things I can't do. This seems like a very long list of things to learn and master and a very short amount of time to do it in. And I was nervous before I sat down and checked the list out. Now I think I might puke.

On another note, our first scrimmage is coming up in February and I'm really looking forward to that. We should have shirts by then! And our first official bout has been announced as being on July 9, 2011. So in the seven months leading up to that bout I will pass Mins., work harder to get into derby shape, start exercising outside of derby, and try not to focus on things that are just going to stress me out needlessly. I'm refusing to add a weight loss goal to that list of things because I know that derby makes me gain muscle and the number itself might not drop a lot, even if the clothing sizes change. I can already squeeze back into a pair of stretchy size 18 jeans that I bought ages ago so I know I'm progressing on that front. I would love to be back in my 18s for good and love even more to get into a 16, but my hips might just be too wide for that period! LOL In any case, here's to moving on and moving up! DL <3

Dixie von D.

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