Monday, April 18, 2011


Yep, I'm a slacker. LOL Actually with all the car issues and being super busy with my internship and school and whatnot I've barely had time for practice, much less to update about it. I was at practice on March 30 with the Eerie Roller Girls when they came down and we had a good time. I bricked myself with my own skate that night. Lots of girls, not a lot of room to fall, and a jump bar to the shin. There's still a bruise and a knot that will probably last most of the summer. Oops...but my other option was to nail someone in the head with a skate. Then I skipped a week of practice due to lack of a vehicle and bad weather. At the most recent practice we did lots of scrimmaging since we had a scrimmage the following Saturday and since I had been pretty hit or miss with my attendance I was worried, but I hit track and felt like I was on fire! It was good. Our scrimmage gets its own post though. And you'll have to wait for that one. :) DL<3!

Dixie von D.

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