Tuesday, June 14, 2011

cardio plans...again

So after mnoths of hemming and hawing and half assing thins tonight I started again on an exercise routine. While I can skate well and generally appear to be pretty fit I have re-discovered just how poor my cardio conditioning is. On skates I'm not bad. Practice doesn't kill me quite like it used to, although General G'Injure makes sure we definitely get a workout. However, 45 minutes of cardio that ranged between jumping rope (I suck at it pretty hardcore now...used to be almost decent at it. it will change), jogging, walking, and random aerobics in my living room and I am dripping sweat. I feel like it was a good workout, although I didn't stretch nearly as well as I should've. My cat was very interested in my doing push-ups...which translates to he got in the way and every time I went down he was right there. I kept headbutting him in the side. LOL And, while I can't keep up with the pace at which we do push-ups at practice I have discovered that I can do at least 15 reps of girlie push-ups if I go at a slower pace. So while I'm not quite to the level of doing real push-ups I did see progress tonight. Also, does anyone else think that doing push-ups on skates and in your gear is harder than it should be? Just sayin'...And now tht I'm all sweaty and feel better after a workout, I'm gonna shower, start some laundry and chill until bedtime. Tomorrow's workout will be derby practice and Thursday might just be a long walk with the hubby, although he does encourage me to jog at least a bit during said walks. Off I go! DL<3!!

Dixie von D.

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