Thursday, August 4, 2011

eating pizza and blogging

Practice last night was HUMID and the floor started to squeak...omg...I was dehydrated and dizzy real quick. The I sucked it up, got over it, and skated til I was ready to puke. We are gearing up for an open house/recruitment event at the end of this month along with bouts in September, October, and possibly December against the Albany All-Stars B team.

And then we will be on to next season. I am starting to try to get things ironed out, but I need venue info and our events planner handles a lot of that so I've dashed off a note to her and will keep working on what I can do for now.

Also, I tried something last night at practice that seemed totally impossible for me to have done when I started skating. We will set up an obstacle course with cones to weave and dodge, things to jump and whatnot and up until now I have always just jumped and avoided the obstacle because I never thought I was going to clear more than the basic jumping requirement. Our obstacle is a cheap wooden hockey stick that is balanced on two cones that stand no more than a foot high...if that. For me, I was convinced there was no way I was ever gonna clear it. Last night Coach Pistol Whip finally goaded me into trying it. First try I cleared it (mostly I think) but had a crazy bad landing. Was informed that it was "badass". My second try I actually jumped too late and barked my shins on the hockey stick. And then the drill was wrapping up so I have shelved that trick for another time, but I will clear that stick and stick my landing damn it!


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