Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pre-vacation practice

This is a note from last week's practice that didn't make it up before I left for Canada on vacation. We had a good night with most of the girls on wheels (people are recovering from a summer slump as it cools off I think). Couple of minor knee issues that should be fine with some RICE and TLC and since I am a total klutz I decided to take a massive spill. Somehow during a Wall Breaker drill as I attempted to juke through a wall I fell and managed to take a skate to the ovaries...between that and the fall I was curled up on the ground in a fetal position gasping for air and crying because in addition to that pain I thought I might've broken my thumb. Here I am, gasping for air, spitting my mouth guard on the track and trying to get my gear off which consists of me swearing, still gasping, and trying to remove my helmet and wrist guards while telling my derby wife (Aeon Fox) to "get it off. Pull it off!" She started at my helmet and then when I kinda waved the wrist in her face she got it...or maybe I said wrist Suffice to say that it hurt like a bitch when she pulled the glove over my hand, but that my thumb was not broken in the long run, my ovaries did not have a skate shaped bruise, and I was back on the track within probably ten minutes. After laughing my head off after what our bench manager said was the hardest fall he'd ever seen...

To end the night we did a 25/5 time trial skating derby direction, non-derby direction, and I think backwards. Skaters who had not done 25/5 or just wanted to do it again could do it and then do other variations from there if we chose. Since I have been stuck at 21/5 for AGES I figured another crack at getting to 25 was in order. Also, my coach just basically asked me/told me i was going to do
So I did it. And my time for 25 laps...was 5 minutes, 4 seconds...and as usual I freaked out afterward. Not because of my time as I was pretty happy to have finally gotten 25 laps, but just because I'm a freakin' spazz. So I have to shave four seconds off my time. After doing a lot of up and down hill walking on vacation I think it might help me with getting my time...LOL Here goes...DERBY!


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