Monday, September 26, 2011

Bout on 9/25 Pike, NY

The Babes of Wrath faced off last night against the Nurse Rachets from Rockin' Rural Roller Girls at their home in Pike, NY. Getting there was an adventure in and itself since it's almost a two hour drive on backroads....I took my time coming home as I spotted several deer and didn't really feel like hitting any rate...

In our first match-up against the RRRG the Babes (along with a few guest skaters from ERG) we ended the game at 192-140 Babes of Wrath after two periods of hard hitting fast paced, penalty laced derby action! I had a major track cut (not typical for me) and a low block major which I knew I was getting the instant I went to fall and my muscles tried doing two different things....OOPS. I haven't seen final stats and minors weren't being called to the skaters so I'm not sure where penalties for the rest of the team stand. Leanderthal scored MVP for the Babes and after her awesome jamming she deserved it. I keep hoping that one day I'll MVP for a game, but we'll see. I think I have a long way to go first.

Also, massive bruise on my arm, not from a cool hit or anything, but because I slid out and missed the chair on my second trip to the box and bashed my arm into the announce table (i think). A few others had minor bumps and bruises I'm sure, but we didn't have any major injuries last night and that's ALWAYS a good thing.

Our next bout, and last of the season, will be against ERG on October. 8th at Evan's Skateland West in Erie, PA. Here's to improving as much as possible between now and then!!!


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