Thursday, August 26, 2010


Last night's practice was a short one as we were having a meeting afterward and needed to leave a bit early to get there. It was also pretty low key due to the meeting and because a bunch of the girls got new wheels and skates and goodies and whatnot and our coach brought them to practice. So everyone was playing with new toys and what not. I'm probably going to be switching back to rental skates for a short time as the wheels on my skates are pretty much completely bald and I lack grip and control to an extent that I'm no longer comfortable skating at high speeds or doing several drills that require me to have an extreme amount of maneuverability. *sigh*

And in order to get new wheels I have to get new bearings. Turns out that my current set up has micro bearings. Wonderful...I'm feeling extra frustrated at this point and last night really wasn't even feeling it at practice. I pretty much screwed around and accomplished almost nothing, although I'm still working on my backwards skating and can start to see some improvement. Eventually I will get there, but I think I need to get my anxiety under control and that will be a huge help as will improving my equipment as I have the funds to do so. Otherwise, it's practice and more practice. I'm trying very hard to stay positive and not get discouraged.

On another note we are working towards our nonprofit status and are trying to start organizing fundraisers and whatnot so if anyone has any advice that may be useful please share and I will pass it along to the girls! DL<3

Dixie D.

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