Thursday, September 23, 2010

9/22 practice

Last night was a hellacious night. We were missing a couple of regular girls, but also had quite a few newbies and are consistently averaging 20 or more each week which is awesome for a small area like ours! One of the new girls is a coworker of mine and she is hooked even after a nasty spill with no pads that left her knee instantly black and blue.

I'm finding that I can see improvement in my skating somewhat and while I still haven't mastered the turn around to go backwards I can kind of sort of sometimes halfway do it. I will get the hang of this or die trying. Also, I felt like practice last night was easier than it had been in a while, but several of the other girls said they felt like it was a harder practice than usual. Could I be gaining endurance? LOL I fell more last night than I have in a while, but I wasn't feeling nearly so anxious last night as I have been in weeks past and less anxiety means less self consciousness and less self consciousness means I skate harder. Using the outdoor wheels has also helped improve my leg strength and if they had a bit roll I could almost be OK with skating a bout in them.

Lotsa endurance work last night, several falls including one that several people thought was particularly nasty, an almost guaranteed bruise on my right hip that will take days to show up, and a successful paired slalom run that ended with a wicked whip for my partner and a sliding fall for me cause whipping her threw me off balance, but everyone gave me props for it anyway. Jumping is not my friend and I need to work on it off skates as well as on skates from a stand still so I can get more used to the landing and how it should feel to have them sturdy underneath me instead of rolling out and falling. Overall it was a good night and it was really nice not to have that constant feeling on not being good enough hanging over my head. DL<3!!

Dixie von D.

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