Monday, September 13, 2010


So, as new skater I wasn't in really good shape when I started showing up at practices. Actually I was in really bad shape and that shape would be round. And I hate to exercise, which meant that up until very recently the only exercise I was getting was on my skates. I'd been putting off trying to start adding general aerobics and some jogging and whatnot to my routine. And as it is starting to cool off I may continue to put off jogging, unless I can make it to the indoor track here and now...I hate jogging and running. A lot! More than I hate doing lunges and sit-ups and crunches, and just about every other form of exercise I can think of. So, here I am a brand new skater, overweight, out of shape, and still working to improve. Also, I do not have as firm of a grasp on the WFTDA rules as I would like to have. AND I have a bout coming up in about two months.

Even though the bout is a fundraiser/exhibition (and not say for WFTDA rankings or a regional championship; Congrats WCR!!!!) I want to be at my best for it and skate as strongly as I can. Which means I need to step it up a notch. I'm really self conscious about exercising in front of people, but when hubby leaves for work I grab my iPod, plug in the speakers, and start my own regimen of free weights, cardio, aerobics and just trying to move and get my heart rate up as best I can. I'm trying to find ways that I can train off skates that will improve my skills on skates and am determined to make this happen. Even if right now I can only do like 5 push ups, and grapevining leaves me tripping over my own feet I will get there. I don't want to look like Melissa Deal or some of the fitness models out there, but not having a gut would be nice; even making it smaller would be nice.

So here goes. At least three times a week I will devote a minimum of twenty minutes to exercising. It might be a boring jog/walk, it might be freestyle dancing in my living room, it might be a mix of free weights and aerobics, and I might try to pick up some Zumba DVDs or the Heart Attacks workout (want this one for sure!), but I will start exercising and I will get better at derby, gain some muscle, lose some fat and bust my ass getting there. Who knows...maybe it will help my anxiety too. DL<3!

Dixie von D.

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