Saturday, September 4, 2010

Size doesn't matter

Classes have recently started back up and being an online student really is a big help in letting me manage my time and schedule when I will study and do coursework etc. As part of the get to know you activities I've shared with many of my classmates that I play roller derby. One of the responses was that I must be a "tough chick", which I'm inclined to agree with because I think I'm a bad ass (even if I'm not). However, you don't necessarily have to be the stereotypical idea of a big bruiser bar fighting kinda girl. In fact, I'm the only woman on the team who weighs in at more than about 160 or so and even in skates I'm taller than quite a few of the girls. These smaller girls might or might not be able to knock me over, but they are generally faster than me, which means that if I don't get my hits just so they go flying by, unscathed and scoring points. Of course, there are times when I do snag a shot on someone and I'm usually pretty concerned about causing them serious injury and really don't want to see anyone hurt. I felt terrible the other day when I knocked someone down during a drill and felt bad about the jammed finger incident from a couple weeks ago as well, but everyone is fine and no grudges are being held. Anyway, I sort lost my train of thought, but what I want to point out is that you don't have to be a big girl to play derby; you'll find that being small has its advantages too. :) DL <3

Dixie D.

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