Saturday, October 2, 2010

Last practice a few days late

So I'm a bit slow in updating after last practice because everything else has gotten in the way of doing this. We cut things short due to a league meeting afterward, but overall I felt pretty good about it. Loosened the trucks a hair and working with those, perfecting my form which seemed to improve a LOT after loosening said trucks. Coincidence? Maybe..I dunno. But when doing our Wall of Pain drill (which I hate!!!) I had much better form and Coach complimented that. I'm not generating as much speed, but I think a lot of that is due to the outdoor wheels on an indoor surface. I'm working harder for the speed that I do get and my form has to be better to help me get that speed. Gotta get indoor wheels.

Also, landed a nice shoulder on the jammer during a scrimmage and while it wasn't quite hard enough to knock her down it was enough to make her stumble. One of the other girls who is a bit newer said that she hit her as well, but unlike the shot I took that was marginally successful her report was that she hit her and bounced off. She'll get there though and is going to be really good one day soon.

Can't wait for our bout in November! Training to get there and smoke our opposition! DL<3!

Dixie von D.

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