Thursday, October 7, 2010

Beating each other up

Practice had a LOT of hitting and blocking type drills last night and it was a lot of fun. It was also pretty mellow as far as practices go, but that can be a good thing. Endless jammer is quickly becoming a favorite drill and eventually I am going to try jamming instead of blocking, but as of yet I haven't worked up the nerve (or speed) to do so.

I know that at least one of the others has commented on being a bit sore today and I'm definitely feeling the results of practice last night. Not really banged up, but I took a few good spills and was giving and receiving some fun hits. We all need to work on getting used to giving and taking hits and also Coach pointed out that we need be using our crossovers more to get speed in the corners which makes mad sense and I can see what he means and it makes uber sense and I can launch myself with some speed through the corners, but getting speed on straights is NOT happening at this point. I think I might have a set of Mojos by next week though and am hoping so!!!

Baseball slide falls I can do well (go figure!) and got a laugh as we were practicing the drill when I promptly completed a fall, looked up, and said, "Now that I can do!" And that was most of practice. As usual I boycotted the Wall of Pain, even though I started feeling kinda anxious and should've skating more. Also, I should quit studying a go jogging while the weather is nice, but I'm sooooooooo far behind on schoolwork it's not funny. Which means I'm going to have to be done with derby for a while and go study...boring!!! DL<3!!!

Dixie von D.

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