Wednesday, October 13, 2010

first time jamming...kinda

Practice tonight really flew by and my ass hurts...mostly cause I'm clumsy and not cause I did something awesome, but let's not get into that. Let's talk about me skating an endless jam as a jammer, which was fun cause i got into the pack and just start checking people cause I can't get enough speed to just blast through them like some of the others were doing. We also ran several scrimmage jams, but my head was kinda off at that point. I'm dehydrated and really feeling it tonight so I've been downing water and powerade like's not helping much yet though.

My mojos that I ordered did not come in yet...*sigh* but I'm holding out hope for next week. Overall practice tonight went well. I still HATE the Wall of Pain, still remind our coach that he's a sadist and sometimes flip him off, but he knows it's all in fun and still pushes me as hard as he thinks he needs to so that I improve. And I am still getting better. The harder I push through my crossovers the more speed I generate through a corner. I'm using that to keep up with the "big girls" who are better skaters than I am. Unfortunately, I'm working so much harder for my speed that I still can't maintain it for long, but that comes with time and more training. I really need to start working harder on my cardio outside of skating, but I freaking hate doing it...skating is fun and awesome and my girls are all there...jogging through the neighborhood is boring and stupid and not to bed for an early appt. tomorrow and more derby love soon! DL<3

Dixie von D.

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