Sunday, December 5, 2010

First Dec. skate

So I'm way late updating about Wednesday night. Which sucks cause we had a good night. Lots of Endless Jammer, helped out a newbie working on her derby stance, endurance is still coming, found out we have a bout in January and realized that I need to kick my ass into extra high gear so I'm ready for it, and am getting T-stops down which is helping me start to get the front to back transitions I've been struggling so hard with. And getting those means I will eventually get the Tomahawk stop down. Not fond of footwork on toe stops cause it makes me toes hurt and really bad at grapevining across the rink cause try as I might I start rolling forward. Advice on how to stop that would be most helpful. And that was practice in a nutshell. I'm feeling kinda down tonight or I would elaborate more, but *shrug* it's just been a rough coupla days and try as I might I seem to be the only one getting into the Christmas spirit and people keep shooting it down....bah humbug...DL ya'll <3

Dixie von D.

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