Thursday, December 23, 2010

Practice before Xmas

So it has been a crazy week for most of the girls and practice last was very small, reflecting that craziness. After the first of the year we will really start pushing mandatory practices, weather permitting, but for the holidays sometimes other things interfere. Anyway, last night was awesome even with our little group! We did falls, jumps (i got mah hops!!!!!!), endurance, pack skating, glides, stops, squatted skating, and a bunch of other stuff. We also took a few minutes to mark out a derby track with cones because I hadn't skated on one and neither have some of the others. What a difference and I loved it! I could actually widen my stance and do some positional/booty/stall blocking and I was taking some serious hits. One thing I have got to get better at is getting back up after I fall. I need to really remember that we have two seconds to get up and return to active skating and then I need to just do it. My body shouldn't have to think about it. One more goal to accomplish. DL<3!!!

Dixie von D.

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