Thursday, January 20, 2011

Committees and meetings and derby, oh my!

I just wanna start this off by saying that last night's practice was full of awesome and win. And not just because I was chosen head of our inter-league relations (by default, but don't tell anyone LOL). We had some good strength training for our warm-up followed by a faster paced practice with fewer breaks and I feel like we got WAY more done than we have in the past. I couldn't keep my head wrapped around our scrimmage teams though and kept letting the wrong jammer just blow by doing that in bouts! Bad! Anyway...advice about handling committee stuff would be good.

And we did a slalom drill last night that normally I hate and for some reason have problems doing, but a while back I started being able to keep up for the entire drill and last night I took off at a sprint and cleared the line faster than I have before. Fast enough that people noticed and commented on it so I know I'm getting better still. cat just woke up my hubby and the spazzy cat made me lose my train of thought....

Our newbies are getting better and better, I'm seeing people really start to find their niche in certain positions (mine is being a blocker), and we're getting more organized and unified as a team. Our shirts should be in soon and I will need to get my name and number tended to. Doing some looking to see what will work best to keep it on there. But my busy day ahead is calling my name so off I go. Not that I want to do anything. My muscles aren't used to the extra training at practice and they are telling me about it, but i LOVE the feeling!!! DL<3!

DIxie von D.

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