Monday, January 17, 2011

Skating and Ranting

I hit up a Saturday practice since things got canceled due to weather last Wednesday and it was a really good practice. We're going to be seriously steppin' up to the plate with a tighter schedule, less water breaks, and more added fitness that will help with core and overall strength. We started on Saturday to see how it would work with a small bunch of us and I'm glad I was there for it so I'll know what's going on. Also, the extra moves on top of my working out at home (which is more half-hearted than it should be) has left me with that slightly sore feeling the next day that I love. Had an issue with losing a wheel off my skates because the axle nut covers prevented me from tightening the nuts down properly. I think if I wanted to fight with taking the covers off every time I cleaned bearings and changed wheels it would be OK, but they are annoying to get off and I feel like the potential of losing a wheel is enough of a hazard to prevent me from using them again. So I had to deal with that before I could do any serious skating on my new Atom Poisons. Once I got settled and rolling I was really liking them. Wednesday will be my second time on them and I will be getting a better feel for them and my looser trucks. Looking forward to derby more than usual this week because I've been very depressed for a couple days and I'm torn between keeping all my ear piercings and dealing with the difficulty that will arise when I job hunt or just taking most of them out. Most likely I will end up removing them as needed for a job, but I think what really upsets me is the lack of acceptance in the workplace and the fact that I can't get several of the piercings I want because either my job or the important people in my life have issues with them. It makes me sad and angry and depressed. And I'm PMSing...I want some chocolate cake please. And then an extra hard workout to burn it all off. DL<3

Dixie von D.

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