Wednesday, January 5, 2011

typical night

So practice tonight was pretty average. Still getting better and better sometime one lap at a time sometimes by a grand slam. We've been choosing committee heads and as no one has really stepped up for Inter-league Relations I will be submitting my letter of intent for that @ the meeting next week. We didn't set the cones up this week, which I think kind of sucks because that is a really good way to get used to skating on a derby track. It is something we should begin doing every week as far as I am concerned. Also, need to start and finish bylaws and a code of conduct by next Wednesday for our meeting if at all possible so gonna be busy, busy with that. I STILL cannot get the hang of transition from forward to backwards and when I try I invariably fall. I have no idea why this is such a hang up for me, but it drives me crazy. Watching other skaters, watching videos, doing it standing still...nothing has seemed to help me get the hang of the motion. Grrrr. But as things tonight were nice and ordinary and a good workout and I am tired, I'm gonna call it a night and go shower off my derby stank. DL<3 ya'll!!

Dixie von D.

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