Friday, February 18, 2011

update again!

Ugh...I'm over my cold, but the cough part is lingering very badly. It makes skating difficult. But it also makes me stronger cause it forced me to push a little harder. Still...hacking a lung and feeling like you might puke isn't fun. So after some scrimmaging where I worn my ass out and got a couple decent hits I was done. Knocking Cannonball OOBs and a good solid shot to Aeon Fox always make me feel like I did something good. Besides after Aeon popped me with a HUGE hit to get by me in the pack and sent me into a four point tuck and roll to try and chase her down, she deserved some Dixie style revenge...

And that was the exciting bit of my practice on Wed. night. Practice tomorrow AM, again Wed. and then a scrimmage against Enchanted Mountain Roller Derby on Sat. 2/26. I am not going to admit to my nerves cause that'll just make them worse! Wish the Babes of Wrath luck! DL<3!

Dixie von D.

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