Saturday, February 19, 2011

Snowy Sat.

Saturday practices are always small, but still a good workout. Satan's Mattress is slowly getting less horrible for me. My big problem is getting up fast enough. We spent a while running endless jammer today and I don't think I will ever be a good jammer. I just can't get through the pack. I've tried strategy, I've tried being sneaky, using force, cutting inside, cutting outside, and I just get put down every time. I think a lot of it boils down to not being fast enough to just get it done. However, my blocking skills continue to improve and are getting pretty good. I need to keep stomping through footwork drills even though I hate them so I get better and moving across the track and not cluing in the opposing jammer too much. Scored some good hits though and then slalomed a bit. I didn't have quite so much tightness today from my chest and lungs and my cough is going away. Here's hoping I'm good to go by next Saturday when we scrimmage EMRD out of Limestone, NY. Also, my kneepads slip horribly and taping them helps, but isn't perfect. Any other suggestions for keeping them in place? Knee gaskets almost never fit me cause my legs are huge though. At any rate....DL<3!!

Dixie von D.

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