Saturday, March 12, 2011

4 wheels means I get to use 8 wheels

Got my car back this AM and promptly headed to practice. So nice to get some skate time in. I'm still lagging behind several of the skaters fitness wise, but when I remind myself that prior to derby I wasn't getting pretty much no exercise AT ALL I realize that I've come a long way.

I felt a bit off this morning at practice, but it was early and I don't sleep well, plus missing any of my regular skate time seems to do that to me. By the time it was all over I felt better, if a bit tired because General G'Injure runs a wicked practice. As much as I fuss about things like Satan's Mattress it's good for me and I feel better after a good ass kicking workout. Tomorrow after work I will pop in my roller derby workout DVD and hit it up! As soon as the weather cooperates and I can start riding my bike, jogging, and skating outdoors that will be on my agenda as well. And once I finish college I can really focus on getting myself into shape, although I'm hoping by then I will have made some progress and see some sexy results. Although if Susan B. is to be believed my ass is looking pretty damn hot already. Yeah! Steppin it up, bitches!! LOL OK, that was my tribute to the aforementioned Susan B. who is a white girl with gangsta slang. I'm out for dinner and (more) homework. DL<3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dixie von D.

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