Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Tonight was just awesome. After kicking my own ass last week I seem to have found a sweet spot for my trucks, am nailing some hard hits, and can feel myself getting stronger in tiny increments. Also, I landed hip first on a teammate's skate. She's fine, I'm fine, but there's gonna be one HELL of a bruise on my hip!

I got my new knee pads today and despite the fact that they are a smidge too tight (they'll stretch!) I LOVE having a set of 187 pro knees. Tonight was the first time in AGES that my knees didn't hurt when I got home from practice. Sooo nice...

Trying to figure out what I want to do about my wheels since I slide on red fugitives(92ish), want something harder than my poisons(84), my coach wants to put me on a 95a tuner, and I'm convinced he's crazy, but I see things that make me wonder if maybe he has a point. I'm so confused!!!And tired! DL<3

Dixie Von D.

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