Thursday, May 19, 2011


Another wonderful practice last night. I borrowed a set of Bel-air Olympian wheels from our rink owner and they were just wow. I'm thinking about trying to buy them from him, although I'm really hoping he can find a set with metal hubs for sale. He's not sure if they still make them tho. I am also looking at a set of Radar Devil Rays, but haven't gotten to skate them quite yet...there are several girls who have them though so hoping I can borrow a set one night for practice. I pulled off five laps in 1 minute last night on the olympian's without too much trouble, although maintaining that speed for a full five minutes will not be easy. I think if I can get a good start and push push push I can tack on the extra four laps I need to pass my 25/5 which I will be trying again next week. Looking forward to it. Also....24 days until the Summer Bruis'n featuring CCRD Babes of Wrath v. the Eerie Roller Girls

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