Friday, May 27, 2011


OK, so I bought a set of the olympian bel-air wheels from the rink and managed to break them from the floor a couple times towards the end of practice Wed. night. I think between all the people the floor had just gotten a bit slick and I was tired and had poor form. My legs bothered me for the entire practice. I am going to be dying them BRIGHT freaking orange and will post pix when I have that done because my skates are turning into an obnoxious mish-mash of neon colors. I'm really struggling with my left hip flexors giving out/not being strong enough and have started working out both hips in hopes of combating this. One legged squats are good too, but I have issues doing them without falling over.

We are planning our first local bout for June 12th and finally have enough refs and are getting up there with having enough NSOs that I'm not totally freaking out about everything. Now I'm just trying to make sure that they all get trained before the bout. I will be suggesting that we have an official ref/NSO rep in the near future as this is confusing and exhausting and while I know that learning to ref/NSO is good for skaters I don't know if I want to be the one responsible for making sure we have a full crew for every bout...oh wait...I'm Interleague Rep...guess that's part of my job. lolz I think that we will be OK tho and can pull this off. Anyone who is semi-local to Chautauqua County NY needs to come to Jamestown on June 12th for the Babes of Wrath first home bout against the Eerie Rollergirls!! DL<3

Dixie von D.

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