Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dixie under two minutes

Our first local bout is in 10 days!!! We are getting in as much practice as is humanly possible without wrecking ourselves completely and finishing up the planning of things. I am STILL waiting on confirmation for an NSO class and right now if I don't hear something soon I might start freaking the hell out!!!! Gotta love anxiety disorder! NOT. So anyway, things are probably going more smoothly than I imagine them to be...I'm just a freak like that. I did get my wheels dyed and when I've been skating for a while and they get gunked up, they look like I have nasty rental wheels on my skates. I really don't I swear!

Practice Wednesday night was good. I need velcro though as my pads aren't stretching out as much as I had hoped they legs are so large that 187 Pro Pads don't fit me right...and I can't afford to shell out for customs, but I can fix these with some craftiness that I gotta get done ASAP! Hell yeah! It was hot in the rink and we were all feeling it, but I love practicing in the heat, it reminds me of home growing up.

And...the girls FINALLY talked me into playing a single jam in the jammer position which I have absolutely never freaking done before and have never even like jamming during pack drills. I DO NOT jam. Ever. I block. I hit. I take out jammers. But Wednesday they convinced me I should. And I said OK, just this once. I will hit the jammer line. I really wanted to take off @ the first whistle. Pure habit. Coming off the line my opposition, the lovely Jowanna Scrap, was faster than me, but with my above mentioned giant legs I was able to pop up and around her to break through the pack. It happened fast enough that I don't know if I was hitting people or if my blockers made me huge holes to get through (or both!), but I was high tailing it through as fast as my fat ass would go, which is faster than it would go when I started skating. Breaking the pack for a lead jammer call earned me a round of applause from the team and I stormed around again for a quick four points and called it before Jowanna could score (I think; We weren't keeping score really). Then I sat down to catch my breath as I discovered that I had been moving far faster than I thought I was. Also, I still have no endurance. Our trainer/coach/awesome skater General G'Injure wants that to change as much or more than I do though and we are going to start trying to have off-skates training when we can now that it is warm out. I gotta fix my bike up and/or start jogging (I loathe it), but I know it will be good for me. Also, I have some leads on areas to skate outdoors and I will start utilizing them. I wish I could magically increase my endurance like crazy before the bout, but I simply don't see myself making enough of an improvement to play jammer in such a short time and I don't feel like I will be confident enough in my skills to jam in July against Enchanted Mountain RD when we face them in the regular season. Those girls play a mean game and I love them! Also, holy crap this has been a long post...I'm done now...DERB LOVE<3!

Dixie von D.

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