Saturday, June 4, 2011

CCRD is famous!

CHAUTAUQUA COUNTY ROLLER DERBY. The Babes of Wrath are featured in an article in today's paper. Come down and support the Babes @ their first local event, Summer Bruise-In

Dixie von D.


  1. hi, here is Engel from skatelog. I'm following you here now! if you want to follow me back, my blog is:

  2. I answered in my post, but ill say it here as well, thanks for the tip, next time i get sick ill try to follow your advice. is just i was feeling weak and all, and my boyfriend was visiting his aunt in another city, so i was alone at home, and didnt feel like going alone to the place where we skate together sometimes, the way i was. but next time, i tell him to drive me there, so we skate and he carry me home after. lol