Monday, June 20, 2011

Current dream skates

Riedell 965, custom black and purple leather. Size 3 plate, either Invader DA45 or XK4 DA45, currently jonesing for Radar Zodiacs and will have at least bones reds. Currently skating a Rebel Invader package with a size 9 boot that for some reason has size 4 plates mounted to it...I thought the 3 would've been a better choice, but since I bought it as a package...*shrug* It's been good to me and will keep being good to me until I can afford to drop the money on the Riedells. Also, I need those Zodiacs right now, along with new elbow pads cause mine are shot...I have SEDs?? Probably...someone buy me skate stuff? I wish!! Derby love!!


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