Sunday, October 9, 2011


We lost our final bout of the season last night. Our first half was god awful and we had a rally in the second until some bad calls really killed our momentum. I felt like this was the worst I had ever played and managed to fall and hit my head pretty hard during the second half. I got up and kept skating but came back off after a lap or two because I tptally thought I heard four whistles. Turned out I was just knocked half stupid and hearing things. I think I'm OK tho. I mean other than just being depressed that we lost and feeling pretty inadequate as a derby girl.

I'm thinking about blowing off practice for a week or two so I can regroup and get my head on straight but I dunno just yet how I feel about it. I do know that I am really struggling with feeling as though I practice well and then play at a level that is nowhere near how I do at practice. The problem is that I don't onow why thos and that is something I nees to figure out ir I'm ever going to get better. I've been up for less than half an hour so ir things are jumbled or whatev thaya why. Also I just realized that my head still effin hurts. Now I'm annoyed. And I still feel like the worst derby girl ever and I think I let my team down....

Not feeling the love today,

Dixie von Doom

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  1. You might want to get yourself checked out for a concussion, just to be safe...