Thursday, December 15, 2011

big update

So after our season ended I pretty much took a hiatus from posting. I was still skating at practices, but there hasn't been a lot of exciting stuff going on. We built a nine foot roller skate for our local Christmas parade and that was a blast! Since my last post I have (FINALLY) started to kind of get the hang of turning from front to back. I'm very terrible at it though. But the progress is there.
I've also learned how to remove plates that have been riveted to a boot. A hammer worked great. Then I learned how to mount and realized that I need my own tools...anyone got a spare break off tool? I also bought a pair of vintage Riedell 265 boots. Sadly they are too small for me and despite my best efforts at stretching them they are still super uncomfortable. I'm probably going to sell them to a teammate if she likes them.
But not until the white skates I bought come in. They look like a Riedell 295, but the person I bought them from referred to them as 8wheel (brand?) skates. IDK. They are going to be plastered with purple leather paint and mounted on my size 4 invaders for now. Assuming its not too long for a size 8
At any rate I am hoping for a set of DA45 Avenger Mg for Christmas in a size 2. Those will be S/F on the new boots and if I don't get them for Christmas I will buy them just as soon as I can afford them. And I want to do my own mounting job. I need a drill.
And I think that I've covered pretty much everything that's been going on.

Also, a note to the commenter who was concerned about my concussion. I am pretty sure that I had a minor one(my mom the nurse seemed to think so), but suffered no ill effects and am fine. My helmet has been replaced.


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