Friday, December 14, 2012


So last night I showed up at our Fresh Meat training night because I need to start getting moving before boot camp. This was after a quick mini workout in the AM and then during FM I realized that I have shin splints. So anytime I wasn't skating I was doing crunches. My abs can feel it today. I will also be working more fire hydrants/donkey kicks, etc. into my routine. But my endurance has suffered and will continue to suffer until I can get these shin splints under control and/or gone. I will be incredibly glad when that happens. Then I can pick it up even further. Also, I got to drool over a teammate's brand new, unmounted bonts last night and I have decided that i WILL have a pair. SO I did a mock up of the ones I want today and they will run anywhere from $375-400. Anyone wanna buy them for me??? LOL And that seems to be my day... DERBY LOVE!!!

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