Thursday, December 13, 2012


One derby girl with too many skates, too much on her plate, and not enough time. Yeah, it's been almost a year since my last update. Let's see if I can condense this into something less than a novella. So shortly after my last post I told my husband that I wanted a divorce. And that started enough drama and stress and hiccups in my life that blogging very quickly fell by the wayside. I spent my summer working, skating, handling divorce stuff, helping my ex move out, and trying to handle my anxiety as it got worse and worse. The paranoia threatened to consume me and the insomnia drove me nearly crazy. I had a good friend here to help me pick up the pieces tho. It's been a long road, but I'm getting back to a place where I can try to become effective as a blocker again. In the midst of everything I suffered from an inflammation of a bone in my right foot that made it impossible for me to skate. I missed the 3 months of our season and have only recently started trying to get to practices again. The amount of time I have spent off skates really shows and it doesn't help me that I had to get another pair of boots because the pair I love so much that I painted and customized were a poorer fit than I had realized and that contributed to my foot injury. I did get to announce at our last bout though and that was a long of fun. Once I stop skating I may try to get into announcing more. We'll see. At any rate, life went nuts for a while and derby simply took a backseat to everything. Now the off-season is here and I've had time to rest and recuperate and make sense of all the changes in my life. League bootcamp starts on January 2nd and I am working towards that with the goal of coming out strong, better, faster, meaner. I want 2013 to be a damn good year with the Chautauqua County Roller Derby and the Babes of Wrath. I want this year to be my year! <3 Dixie von Doom

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