Saturday, July 31, 2010

family and roller derby

So some of my family members seem to think that I'm crazy for playing roller derby. Hubby is supportive and my parents think it's cool. My favorite aunt doesn't mind that I play, but she's worried about me getting hurt. That's what pads are for I tell her. I have people wanting to see video of practices cause they live far away. I think if they were closer they would come watch...not sure how I would feel about that. When I told my father in law that I was doing this, he looked at me and very calmly said that roller derby wasn't appropriate and that I shouldn't be doing it. Now for this to come from the man who goes deer hunting and squirrel hunting with me and has told me that I can do whatever I decide I want to do without reservation it was a bit strange. My mother in law had no idea what caused the odd response so we chalked it up to him not wanting me to get hurt and left it at that. I rarely bring up skating when he's around. I mentioned to him recently, though that I had been skating for a month or a little over and look I'm fine. He just looks at me and then looks down at my legs to see if he can spot any bruises. I have one by the way and it's almost gone. lol Nothing else was said, but I'm hoping maybe he'll relax about it and once we start bouting come and watch. I'm going to his and my MILs 4th anniversary party today though so off to get ready. Anyone else have a family member who reacted in a way that seemed to be completely off kilter for them? DL<3

Dixie D.


  1. My husband isn't all that thrilled about me doing derby but he knows that I am hard-headed and I am going to do what I want anyway so he puts up with it. We have an "agreement" that if I ever have to be hospitalized that I have to quit. Of course, our definitions of hospitalized are probably different. lol

    I find that a lot of people have the wrong impression about derby. They think that it is like the derby of the 1970's. While the premise is still the same, it is quite different and I take every opportunity I can get to explain it to them. However, there is no changing some peoples minds and I am sure that if my grandparents were still alive they would be freaking out. If nothing else, from the girls wearing panties on the outside of their clothes!

    To each their own I say! :)

  2. My Pops might be a bit perturbed at it, but probably not much cause if I'm doing it then it can't be bad. He'd be sitting and watching and screaming my name as loud as possible which would mean drowning out the PA system every time he cheered for me. Granny would smile and say,"whatever makes you happy chile. Just be careful." and be so proud of me for doing something I loved. That's just how they were. I was lucky to have them and it still pisses me off that they're gone I have a very irrational five year old in my head when it comes to those two and they're supposed to live forever damn it!