Thursday, July 29, 2010


So I got toe stops to replace the dance/jam plugs whatever they were. And now I can stop! I got all my padding and gear. I'm less worried about bricking myself! So I hit the floor last night and am noticing some improvement in my endurance. 20 laps wasn't so bad, although I didn't do the 15 following or finish the 10 and 5 after that. It wasn't all endurance issues. Cause somehow I've managed to skate for weeks without pads and be pretty much OK. Last night I fell and twisted my knee wrong...managed to do it twice so this AM it has been kinda stiff and sore and definitely swollen but not too bad. Second time I stopped was gunk on my wheel almost taking me out repeatedly. Took out one of the other girls during a drill and that was fun. Fell once not too hard and faceplanted trying to get back up from said fall. I laid in the infield laughing my ass off at myself. Also, met another one of the skaters on our team who suffers from anxiety issues like I do! The anxiety part is not good, but I'm SOOOO glad to know I'm not the only one that might freak out! It made me feel tons better knowing I'm not alone. Ummm...IDK what else I had for this post cause practice last night rocked...Oh I ruined a brand new pair of tights on a fall. I was pissed cause I just bought them! Grrrr!! I need cute tights in my big(plus size and trying to be proud of it!) Getting used to the super fast not much grip wheels but still want something softer for now. But I'm broke so I'll stick to my purple speed freaks and either get used to them or just eventually get new wheels. Whatev! Off for a nap and stuff and spending time with hubby DL<3

Dixie D.

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  1. Check out for tights. Lane Bryant has some really nice ones too but they are pricey.

    So glad you got your gear and had an awesome practice.