Sunday, August 1, 2010

Derby rambling

I'm off skates for a bit as family is in and we're supposed to be doing things and being sociable, but today nothing seems to be going on. And there is skating tonight and I soooo want to go. Usually I'm not there on Sunday nights because hubby wants to spend the evening together which is fair. I'm not going to ignore him for derby and I'm not going to expect him to come sit at practice and consider that as the two of us spending time together. Not even right. But right now I'm just srsly jonesing to skate and feel the need to share. The way things are going I was slated to not go on Wednesday coming up like normal but if nothing is going on I may see about going anyway. I want to skate and get better and show that I'm improving. And I would like hubby to come to a practice some week when I've gotten a bit better. Although having him there will probably make me a nervous wreck.LOL DL<3

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