Monday, November 22, 2010

Last Sunday practice

So last night was our last Sunday for a while and I decided that I would go to this one because I was going with a brand new Revel Invader DA45 set-up and was DYING to skate them! I had pulled the wheels and dyed them, played with the truck adjustments and whatnot and had them all set to skate, knowing that I most likely would need to adjust them at least once to get very far. As I had correctly assumed after taking one lap my trucks were WAY to loose and sloppy and my wheels were also loose as I cannot seem to get the hang of getting them so they spin freely but don't wobble. So I asked Mike to give me a hand, laughed when he was wobbling the trucks back and forth like crazy cause I had them that loose and watched and learned a bit while he made adjustments. Eventually I need to get better at doing them, but I figure I want to skate not spend practice fighting with my skates to get them adjusted like so.

Going from a 88a outdoor wheel to a 92-93a Fugitive was a BIG change for me and it took me a few laps to get my crossovers back completely and I did take some pretty good falls (my right knee is sore and a wee bit swollen today). Also I pulled a thigh muscle cause I got distracted when we stretched and was screwing off...gotta stop that!

We did a warm up of 20 laps as a pack and normally I have hell with this and am very quickly lagging behind the rest of the pack. Last night I did considerably better than I had previously, was keeping up with the pack, weaving a bit, and at one point just for giggles took off on a semi-sprint around the track. My speed is rapidly improving and the better wheels mean I don't tire as quickly because I'm using less force to generate that speed. Got several compliments on how comfortable I seem on the skates and how well my form is. However, the slalom drill last night was not my friend. My first time through I just lost myself and hit the floor and my second time through I slid out trying to slalom through a corner. I still have some adjusting to do when it comes to skating the harder wheels, obviously. So now that I have awesome skates and all my gear I need to really buckle down and start training with more cardio so I can increase my endurance. Winter is coming so no more jogging for me, but I want a to get some zumba videos and the Heart Attacks workout and start using those along with my free weights and a pilates/yoga video that has to be good for me somehow. Also, 25 in 5 needs to happen by March at the might happen sooner, but I was too chicken to try it last night at practice. LOL But that's it for now and another update will come later in the week after Wed. practice. I can't wait to run an Endless Jammer drill in my new skates!!! DL<3!!!!

DIxie von D.

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