Thursday, November 18, 2010


OK, so after almost a month off skates, surgery, a vacation, and another birthday I am FINALLY back to my normal routine. Mostly...
The important thing about back to normal is that I have been skating again! Last night was my first night back in close to a month and WOW! I sucked. I didn't even try to exercise right after my surgery cause I couldn't move and exercising on vacation just didn't happen, although I think now that it probably should have and I know that for next time. I only fell once and it was partially due to a skate being too loose so I didn't forget everything.
But I definitely have lost some endurance and need to work it back up to where I was. 15 laps at a moderate pace almost killed me and I was doing probably almost twice that before I went out. What a difference!
Also, in awesome news...I ordered new skates! Bright green Rebel DA45 Invaders should be arriving tomorrow. YAY!!!!!! I have red wheels on them, but they will be coming off so I can dye them purple, along with black toe guards, purple laces, and bearing cleaner/speed cream so I can be XTRA awesome! Will maybe post pix of the before and after dye job on the wheels, hopefully they will turn out nice and pretty! But schoolwork and photo uploading are both awaiting me so I'm off. Derby <3!!!

Dixie von D.

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