Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Eve practice

Awesome!!!! I'm getting better on my new skates and tonight is the first practice in a bit that I've come home sore form (of course I was also out for a while lol)Most of the soreness is good, but my pull thigh muscle is not good as it kind of hampers me from getting up when I fall and I cannot even try to practice falling drills. Luckily I'm not too bad at falling!

Kind of sad that I missed Wall of Pain cause I wanted to try it on my new skates, but after the first two laps when my baseball slide made me obviously grimace in pain my derby wife (love you Aeon Fox!!) promptly told me to get my butt off the floor and go sit down before I hurt myself worse. So I pouted and then wandered off the floor all sad :(

However Endless Jammer was lots of fun, better skates are helping both my form and my endurance, and we did several scrimmage jams tonight that were pretty awesome and epic if I do say so myself. I really need to work on my timing, my ability to move within the pack, and my overall blocking skills, but I have improved soooooo much since I started and that makes me srsly happy! DL<3

Dixie von D.

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