Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Practice tonight wasn't bad, but several other skates also said they felt as though they were having an off night. I'm less frustrated than I was before, but I definitely almost had an anxiety attack a couple of times. I'm so sick of this...have an appointment tomorrow with my doctor so I'm gonna see what he says. One good thing that came out of tonight is that I've found a skater who is pretty close in ability to me so I can work with him (he's a ref) and try to push harder and feel as though I have a chance at improving rather than just sucking and falling further behind the super amazing skaters that I try to emulate. But I'm moving on from that right now before I start having a pity party.

I've found that short, choppy crossovers are not a bad thing for me and have started working on them. Once I find the PERFECT wheels (Yeah Right!!) I should be golden. At least until something else new and shiny comes along and catches my eye...but at any rate...I'm tired and ready for bed after a better than I expected practice. Derby and mental issues take a lot out of a girl...


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