Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pre-season scrimmage

Was a success. We won 174-42 even though we were skating on easily the worst floor I've ever been on. It had lumps and bumps, and uneven seams, and was so slippery that full speed wasn't even an option.

Lots of slow derby was played that night. I broke a wrist guard splint (again. does anyone know where I can get stronger splints that will fit the hired hands?), played pivot, and even got to jam once. Sadly, my lone jam was a bad one...I spent most of my time chasing the pack. I will keep trying and I will get better though.

Next up for me is an All Star bout with the NYS B Team as we take on the PA B Team on 3/3/12. I'm trying to train as hard for that as I can without overdoing it and injuring myself or anything drastic and then we start our regular season on 4/21/12.

Roller derby is off and running!

Dixie von Doom

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