Saturday, November 27, 2010

First Saturday practice

Fun fun! We had a small bunch today because I don't think everyone knew what was going on with this practice, but it was all good. Lots of endurance and footwork and I'm starting to get better and better. Having good skates helps a TON! I think I've solved the issue with pulled muscles when I do falls by raising my toe stops and I've also started making progress on the T stops. Now if I could just get the front to back transition down and improve my backwards skating I'd be moving! Also, gotta start making some noise on plow stops so it doesn't take me two extra feet LOL But I'm so not the only one having troubles with that. It's highly unlikely that I will be at the next two Saturdays due to work, but as long as I get my Wednesdays I can live with that I think. And that's things...gotta go make dinner!! DL<3!

Dixie von D.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Eve practice

Awesome!!!! I'm getting better on my new skates and tonight is the first practice in a bit that I've come home sore form (of course I was also out for a while lol)Most of the soreness is good, but my pull thigh muscle is not good as it kind of hampers me from getting up when I fall and I cannot even try to practice falling drills. Luckily I'm not too bad at falling!

Kind of sad that I missed Wall of Pain cause I wanted to try it on my new skates, but after the first two laps when my baseball slide made me obviously grimace in pain my derby wife (love you Aeon Fox!!) promptly told me to get my butt off the floor and go sit down before I hurt myself worse. So I pouted and then wandered off the floor all sad :(

However Endless Jammer was lots of fun, better skates are helping both my form and my endurance, and we did several scrimmage jams tonight that were pretty awesome and epic if I do say so myself. I really need to work on my timing, my ability to move within the pack, and my overall blocking skills, but I have improved soooooo much since I started and that makes me srsly happy! DL<3

Dixie von D.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Last Sunday practice

So last night was our last Sunday for a while and I decided that I would go to this one because I was going with a brand new Revel Invader DA45 set-up and was DYING to skate them! I had pulled the wheels and dyed them, played with the truck adjustments and whatnot and had them all set to skate, knowing that I most likely would need to adjust them at least once to get very far. As I had correctly assumed after taking one lap my trucks were WAY to loose and sloppy and my wheels were also loose as I cannot seem to get the hang of getting them so they spin freely but don't wobble. So I asked Mike to give me a hand, laughed when he was wobbling the trucks back and forth like crazy cause I had them that loose and watched and learned a bit while he made adjustments. Eventually I need to get better at doing them, but I figure I want to skate not spend practice fighting with my skates to get them adjusted like so.

Going from a 88a outdoor wheel to a 92-93a Fugitive was a BIG change for me and it took me a few laps to get my crossovers back completely and I did take some pretty good falls (my right knee is sore and a wee bit swollen today). Also I pulled a thigh muscle cause I got distracted when we stretched and was screwing off...gotta stop that!

We did a warm up of 20 laps as a pack and normally I have hell with this and am very quickly lagging behind the rest of the pack. Last night I did considerably better than I had previously, was keeping up with the pack, weaving a bit, and at one point just for giggles took off on a semi-sprint around the track. My speed is rapidly improving and the better wheels mean I don't tire as quickly because I'm using less force to generate that speed. Got several compliments on how comfortable I seem on the skates and how well my form is. However, the slalom drill last night was not my friend. My first time through I just lost myself and hit the floor and my second time through I slid out trying to slalom through a corner. I still have some adjusting to do when it comes to skating the harder wheels, obviously. So now that I have awesome skates and all my gear I need to really buckle down and start training with more cardio so I can increase my endurance. Winter is coming so no more jogging for me, but I want a to get some zumba videos and the Heart Attacks workout and start using those along with my free weights and a pilates/yoga video that has to be good for me somehow. Also, 25 in 5 needs to happen by March at the might happen sooner, but I was too chicken to try it last night at practice. LOL But that's it for now and another update will come later in the week after Wed. practice. I can't wait to run an Endless Jammer drill in my new skates!!! DL<3!!!!

DIxie von D.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


OK, so after almost a month off skates, surgery, a vacation, and another birthday I am FINALLY back to my normal routine. Mostly...
The important thing about back to normal is that I have been skating again! Last night was my first night back in close to a month and WOW! I sucked. I didn't even try to exercise right after my surgery cause I couldn't move and exercising on vacation just didn't happen, although I think now that it probably should have and I know that for next time. I only fell once and it was partially due to a skate being too loose so I didn't forget everything.
But I definitely have lost some endurance and need to work it back up to where I was. 15 laps at a moderate pace almost killed me and I was doing probably almost twice that before I went out. What a difference!
Also, in awesome news...I ordered new skates! Bright green Rebel DA45 Invaders should be arriving tomorrow. YAY!!!!!! I have red wheels on them, but they will be coming off so I can dye them purple, along with black toe guards, purple laces, and bearing cleaner/speed cream so I can be XTRA awesome! Will maybe post pix of the before and after dye job on the wheels, hopefully they will turn out nice and pretty! But schoolwork and photo uploading are both awaiting me so I'm off. Derby <3!!!

Dixie von D.