Sunday, October 9, 2011


We lost our final bout of the season last night. Our first half was god awful and we had a rally in the second until some bad calls really killed our momentum. I felt like this was the worst I had ever played and managed to fall and hit my head pretty hard during the second half. I got up and kept skating but came back off after a lap or two because I tptally thought I heard four whistles. Turned out I was just knocked half stupid and hearing things. I think I'm OK tho. I mean other than just being depressed that we lost and feeling pretty inadequate as a derby girl.

I'm thinking about blowing off practice for a week or two so I can regroup and get my head on straight but I dunno just yet how I feel about it. I do know that I am really struggling with feeling as though I practice well and then play at a level that is nowhere near how I do at practice. The problem is that I don't onow why thos and that is something I nees to figure out ir I'm ever going to get better. I've been up for less than half an hour so ir things are jumbled or whatev thaya why. Also I just realized that my head still effin hurts. Now I'm annoyed. And I still feel like the worst derby girl ever and I think I let my team down....

Not feeling the love today,

Dixie von Doom

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Had a good practice tonight but left feeling a bit down after having to deal with someone who I find to be less than pleasant...I'll get over it I'm sure. Had some funny moments including hearing someone yell, "the goat's jumping the fence!" As I was the goat in question and directly behind the person speaking it made me laugh so hard I almost fell. Some of the ERG skaters came down and played with us to prep for our bout on Saturday since we are borrowing them against their own team. Is there irony there? Anyway if you're in WNY or Western PA or if you feel like a road trip come see us in our last bout of the season in Erie, PA. Also this post was sent from my phone so ignore my typos!

Derby <3,

Dixie von D.