Thursday, April 28, 2011


Ugh...after last night's practice I feel kind of like a freshie ALL over again. I just switched out the cushions on my skates from a purple and yellow SG super combo to an all yellow combo and it made a very noticeable difference. It took a few laps to adjust and while I felt better on them by the end of the night and I noticed that my 92 Fugis didn't seem to slide quite as bad I think I need a bit more time on them before I start making more changes. I think I will try the orange tuners or maybe the green quickie stickies at some point though.

Overall practice was good last night. We did some pack skating and footwork, which Aeon Fox was kind enough to show me some tricks that I could use to improve my footwork immensely. YAY!!! <3 my derby wife! I didn't totally hate footwork after that and might start almost liking it. When we started scrimmaging it took a few rounds but eventually we started to coalesce into teams better than we had before and I had some good hits on jammers and several of our girls who have been primarily pivots or blockers are starting to come into their own as jammers. I don't know if I will ever get there, but I'll try. Endurance first though. DL<3!

Dixie von D.

Monday, April 18, 2011

4/16 scrimmage

We had a mixed scrimmage Saturday with EMRD from Limestone, NY and ERG of Erie, PA and it was a freaking blast. Limestone hosted everyone and we played half hour bouts to allow for enough time for everyone to play. Our first game was against Eerie's Blue team and we won with a final score of like 68-55 or 65-58...something like that. We looked good together and were pretty cohesive and at one point my booty and Aeon Fox's booty were the biggest obstacles to Eerie's jammer. Awesome sauce! I've come to the conclusion that I REALLY should get new knee pads since mine ride up even when I have then taped and taking a hard cap to the knee cap repeatedly hurts like a bitch. Surprisingly though, no bruising. Leanderthal is all kinds of fast and I'm pretty sure that my mother-in-law is her new number one fan. :)

Second game was against the Limestone girls and wow...just wow. I think the final on that one was 111-25, Limestone. Simply put, I feel like we are outclassed by them at this point in time. They play a faster game than we do and I was having problems keeping up with that. They also hit very hard and like to mess with your head. My left arm is a bit sore courtesy of Icky Thump (who I LOVE), but nothing major. I think Icky just likes to beat on me cause I'm a big girl who takes the hits and gives em back. Next time tho, I should lean away from her and step forward and see if I can sneak by instead of hitting back. Maybe I can surprise her...

Also, have recruited a friend of mine who decided that derby looked like too much fun to pass up! I felt like the scrimmage was a success even if we lost one of our games because we did play well and I think we are becoming more cohesive on the track and every bit of time on skates helps us improve in some way or another. One thing that I need to add to my training is agility work and foot work. I hate foot work. But I need it. Badly. Otherwise just keep pushing for that endurance and driving to win. DL<3!!

Dixie von D.


Yep, I'm a slacker. LOL Actually with all the car issues and being super busy with my internship and school and whatnot I've barely had time for practice, much less to update about it. I was at practice on March 30 with the Eerie Roller Girls when they came down and we had a good time. I bricked myself with my own skate that night. Lots of girls, not a lot of room to fall, and a jump bar to the shin. There's still a bruise and a knot that will probably last most of the summer. Oops...but my other option was to nail someone in the head with a skate. Then I skipped a week of practice due to lack of a vehicle and bad weather. At the most recent practice we did lots of scrimmaging since we had a scrimmage the following Saturday and since I had been pretty hit or miss with my attendance I was worried, but I hit track and felt like I was on fire! It was good. Our scrimmage gets its own post though. And you'll have to wait for that one. :) DL<3!

Dixie von D.