Friday, May 27, 2011


OK, so I bought a set of the olympian bel-air wheels from the rink and managed to break them from the floor a couple times towards the end of practice Wed. night. I think between all the people the floor had just gotten a bit slick and I was tired and had poor form. My legs bothered me for the entire practice. I am going to be dying them BRIGHT freaking orange and will post pix when I have that done because my skates are turning into an obnoxious mish-mash of neon colors. I'm really struggling with my left hip flexors giving out/not being strong enough and have started working out both hips in hopes of combating this. One legged squats are good too, but I have issues doing them without falling over.

We are planning our first local bout for June 12th and finally have enough refs and are getting up there with having enough NSOs that I'm not totally freaking out about everything. Now I'm just trying to make sure that they all get trained before the bout. I will be suggesting that we have an official ref/NSO rep in the near future as this is confusing and exhausting and while I know that learning to ref/NSO is good for skaters I don't know if I want to be the one responsible for making sure we have a full crew for every bout...oh wait...I'm Interleague Rep...guess that's part of my job. lolz I think that we will be OK tho and can pull this off. Anyone who is semi-local to Chautauqua County NY needs to come to Jamestown on June 12th for the Babes of Wrath first home bout against the Eerie Rollergirls!! DL<3

Dixie von D.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Another wonderful practice last night. I borrowed a set of Bel-air Olympian wheels from our rink owner and they were just wow. I'm thinking about trying to buy them from him, although I'm really hoping he can find a set with metal hubs for sale. He's not sure if they still make them tho. I am also looking at a set of Radar Devil Rays, but haven't gotten to skate them quite yet...there are several girls who have them though so hoping I can borrow a set one night for practice. I pulled off five laps in 1 minute last night on the olympian's without too much trouble, although maintaining that speed for a full five minutes will not be easy. I think if I can get a good start and push push push I can tack on the extra four laps I need to pass my 25/5 which I will be trying again next week. Looking forward to it. Also....24 days until the Summer Bruis'n featuring CCRD Babes of Wrath v. the Eerie Roller Girls

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Tonight was just awesome. After kicking my own ass last week I seem to have found a sweet spot for my trucks, am nailing some hard hits, and can feel myself getting stronger in tiny increments. Also, I landed hip first on a teammate's skate. She's fine, I'm fine, but there's gonna be one HELL of a bruise on my hip!

I got my new knee pads today and despite the fact that they are a smidge too tight (they'll stretch!) I LOVE having a set of 187 pro knees. Tonight was the first time in AGES that my knees didn't hurt when I got home from practice. Sooo nice...

Trying to figure out what I want to do about my wheels since I slide on red fugitives(92ish), want something harder than my poisons(84), my coach wants to put me on a 95a tuner, and I'm convinced he's crazy, but I see things that make me wonder if maybe he has a point. I'm so confused!!!And tired! DL<3

Dixie Von D.

Monday, May 9, 2011

First Local Bout

Alright Ladies and Gents! Chautauqua County Roller Derby will be hosting our very first bout in June at our local ice arena (melted floor) and we had our first big meeting about it this morning! Three and a half hours later I KNOW we have made good progress and we have a lot of stuff already in the works. I think we're doing alright, but if anyone has bout production experience (and I know you're out there!) please leave me comments with suggestions, advice, anything helpful you can think of!! I want to make sure all of our bases are covered! DL<3!!!!

Dixie Von D.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The day after

So, this morning after I'd had a chance to shower and decompress and look back on last night, I know that I just need to buckle down and push harder. I have roughly a week of school left and all I can do is finish all my classes, pray that I got my GPA high enough to graduate, and move on with my life. In the meantime I am trying to start working in mini workouts throughout my day. A set of squats here and there, push-ups and sit-ups during commercials if I'm watching TV, wall push-ups while I'm making dinner, and then continue to bring it with jogging, bike rides, and as much skating as I can work in...since the skating involves driving and gas is over $4 a gallon though, that might be harder. Also, yoga/pilates to increase my balance and work my core. I know that endurance is a big part of derby but a stronger core is going to allow me to get up from falls faster and keep me more stable on my skates.

Mr. Von Doom is getting me new knee pads for our anniversary and I will be getting them early so I can get used to them prior to our upcoming bout against the Eerie Roller Girls. Also we might have a new practice space and potential new home altogether for CCRD which means less of a drive for me and has the potential to garner us a LOT of new least for the area we live in. I cannot give up on this now. Not when we have all worked so hard. DL<3!

Dixie Von D.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

*sigh* and more *sigh*

So last week I felt like a freshie. This week I just felt like I sucked. Booya BooTay from Hellgate Rollergirls in Missoula, MT was down to visit family and she came out to practice with us. I adore her and am sad that we only get to skate with her like once a year. She's really sweet and kind of intimidating to me, but that's because most people who are better skaters and not on my team intimidate me...I really need to get over that.

I fell countless times, kept taking other people out (in a bad way) kicked Susan B. in the cooch (i'm sooooo sorry), and had a panic attack on the track. I don't even know what triggered it. I do know that being the goat sucked...I'm clearly one of the least maneuverable and agile girls on the team and it really shows. Right now I'm frustrated and sad and contemplating giving up derby because I just don't feel like I can do it anymore. But I love it so much and I know that I can be myself around the women I skate with and they never put me down even when I suck and I put myself down so hard. I dunno what to do. I dunno if Dixie Von Doom is gonna make it. I just feel like I'm lost and floundering at derby right now and I'm afraid that with our first home bout coming up I will do something that screws the team up...royally. Just not feelin the love tonight...

Dixie von D.