Friday, April 5, 2013

Still rollin

I'm still going to the gym and rolling along, altho I feel like I'm not making any progress at all. new plates are helping my form and confidence, but shin splints are awful and I'm thinking that they are at least partially due to a loss of ankle strength after taking too long of a break and not doing anything else to keep up with my exercise because one of my feet was incredibly unhappy if it had to do anything other than walk at a nice, slow sedate pace.

So now I'm trying different things with my cushions and am working to build up strength in my ankles and calves so that the problem will go away. If I could skate more frequently that would help of course, but I don't see the stupidly restrictive league policies changing anytime soon. The most positive spin I can put on this is that when I do finally get my strength built back up and have trained my endurance to where it needs to be I'm going to get back on the track and hit bitches like they've never been hit before. And I really don't think that is something my team is expecting me to do so I imagine that some of them will be a bit surprised. Hopefully...they like surprises...

Dixie von D.

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